Electrostatics 2-charges  
  Electric Fields  
Statistics Binomial Distribution  
  Central Limit Theorem  
Data Fitting Linear Straight Line Fit
  Damped Oscillator (non-linear) Cavendish Balance
  Error Bars DetFit7 tutorial (by Ian Brubaker)  DetFit7.m
  Chi Square (non-linear)  
  F Test The F distribution
  Newton Cooling (metal) Fitting an exponential with chi-square
  Newton Cooling (glass) Same as above with a glass thermometer
  Radioactive Data (exponential) radio.csv (Excel data set)
radio.nb (Mathematica program)
Quantum Mechanics Electromagnetic Transitions Electric and magnetic multipole transitions
  Blackbody Radiation Integrating the blackbody spectrum
Other Stuff Reading in Data Absorption data (data set)
Mathematica program to read in data set
Mathematica program to add error bars
  Plotting Excel Generated Data rocketsheet.xls
rocket.nb (Mathematica)
  Numerical Differential Equation Using numerical differential equation solver
  Gravity Gravity within a uniform galactic disk
  Piecewise Plotting a piecewise continuous function (gravity)
  Orbits Plotting inverse r-squared orbits
  Points3D Plotting variable size points in 3 dimensions
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